Is your team working together to generate top results?

bdr dealer direct training.

Do you want more revenue from your Technicians & Installers?

BDR dispatches our top Trainers to your place of business to help your team embrace change and accomplish your company’s initiatives. This results in driving the profit & growth needed for the longevity of your company.

BDR’s Dealer Direct classes help:

  • Increase your monthly install truck revenue
  • Increase your monthly service truck revenue
  • Improve your company’s working capital
  • Attain a higher close rate
  • Reduce callbacks
  • Maximize cash flow
  • Generate more leads for service and sales
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Here’s what one attendee had to say:

This class made me more aware of how important the procedures are to ensure satisfied clients, happy employees, and a profitable business. We have used some of the ideas in the past and some currently, but to put it all together in full implementation would make a world of difference in our business model.

To see that BDR is helping us to achieve a higher standard for the industry is encouraging.

Albie “Chris” Clifton, Air Max, LLC


To maximize your results, build teamwork, and get the most out of every opportunity, consider a Dealer Direct class for your entire team.

Call Candy Cunningham to discover how to reserve your Dealer Direct class that can help you go from good to great. Get complete details and reserve your training dates today!

Candy Cunningham

Watch for additional information on how Dealer Direct training can help the cohesiveness of your team and how it will help you challenge the traditional boundaries of our industry.

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