Hear about our recent Dealer Direct experience training Service Technicians!

Initial Greeting

For those of you who have been following BDR closely the past several months, you may have heard us use the term Dealer Direct. Dealer Direct training is a new addition to BDR and one that has had a lot of success. With Dealer Direct, we go right to a dealer’s place of business to help them.

Are you curious about what this “success” looks like? Check out the pictures below from one of Dave Consulo’s recent Top Gun Technician Excellence classes through the Dealer Direct program.

  • Practicing putting on shoe covers
  • Skills practice: Initial greeting with the Homeowner
  • Skills practice: Building rapport with the homeowner
  • Skills practice: Overcoming objections
  • Skills practice: Thanking the customer

The other three BDR University classes that are available through the Dealer Direct program are:

  • Top Gun Installer Excellence
  • Duct Design for Profit & Efficiency
  • Labor Management: Retail-focus 

All four classes are eligible for NATE Continuing Education Hours.

Are you interested in hosting a BDR trainer at your work place to teach, motivate, and encourage your team in their customer interactions? Reach out to BDR Distributor Relationship Specialist, Candy Cunningham. If you’d like more details on upcoming events, click here.