Hear about how our Structural Sales – Part 2 class went last week in Atlanta, Georgia!


“I am an employee who is new to the Home Solutions Advisor position. As a trainee, I had reached a plateau in my training. Structural Sales – Part 2 gave me the tools I need to become the $2.5 million Sales Professional I know I can be!”

Lauren VanDeraq, Earl’s Heating & Air Conditioning

Attendees get an in-depth look at the total sales process and their own detailed role within their company at Structural Sales – Part 2 in Atlanta, GA.

“With the daily hustle, it sometimes becomes easy to skip steps. This class has refocused and rededicated me to following the process to grow mine and the company’s profits.”

Josh Smith, Bay Breeze Heating & Cooling

After a detailed analysis of the sales role, students ultimately learned how to maximize the potential of each sale while endearing themselves to the customer. They were ready to return to their business and implement a structured sales process that will:

  • Maximize the potential of each sale
  • Capture a referral
  • Sell $2.5M+ annually
  • Build an outstanding client base that continually gives you referrals
  • Generate a great income

“This class opened my eyes to what I could do better. I look forward to implementing them and seeing results.”

Sam Rhone, Estes Heating & Air Conditioning

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