Grow your business with Commercial Maintenance Sales!


Commercial Maintenance Sales will substantially impact the capturing of high-margin negotiated commercial replacement sales, which is accomplished by creating strong, loyal customers through service relationships. These service relationships assist in stabilizing service revenues, allowing for planning and growth of the service department.

Every $1 of Commercial Maintenance generates $2-$4 of repair and replacement revenue and can be as high as $13. This can continue for several years after securing the service agreement.

By growing the highest margin department in the company, we will assist in generating gross profit dollars.           

Topics Include:

  • Class Mission
  • Financial Justification
  • Surveying, Estimating, & The Proposal
  • Sales Process
  • Managing & Owning the Sales Process
  • After The Sale
  • Organizational Structure
  • Hiring & Compensating
  • Tooling & Training Plan
  • Implementation

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