Don’t Miss BDR at ServiceTitan’s Pantheon Conference!


BDR is excited to take part in the upcoming ServiceTitan Pantheon conference in Pasadena, CA on July 15-16, 2019!

Jennifer Shooshanian–BDR’s Senior Service Coach & Trainer–will be leading a Pantheon session on Leveraging Service Department Results to Prime.

We are living through a drought of qualified workers for our industry. To succeed in a time when labor is scarce, Service Departments must focus on improving dispatching and Technician efficiencies while increasing revenues per truck – without having to add new Technicians.

Your service department holds the keys to the profit center of your company and should be yielding the highest gross margin in the company. To accomplish this requires a focus on key foundational principles. There are no gimmicks needed to achieve Prime results in your service department.

Jennifer Shooshanian

Join Jennifer to learn what is possible for your service department, the key performance indicators for reaching prime, and how to capture and measure your performance.

Sounds exciting? Click HERE to learn more about the event and HERE to meet BDR’s team of coaches!