Come join us at Structuring for Profit & Growth in Atlanta, GA

Profit and Growth

BDR’s February 2018 class schedule is now available. Coming up first again is a brand-new class for our BDR University offering: Structuring for Profit & Growth on February 6-7, 2018 in Atlanta, Georgia!

Structuring for Profit & Growth gives contractors the tools to meet the demands of today’s market and allows them to visualize what is possible and get re-excited about their business. This class will guide you through the process of structuring your business for success.

Critical business concepts like blended margin, unbundling, good, better, best, fantastic, and lifetime system enhancement are covered in detail. Other fundamental concepts include: breakeven, gross profit per man day, service and maintenance profitability, managing cash flow, and keeping company overheads under control.

Sound like a class you could benefit from? Register now for the February 6-7 session in Atlanta, GA! Upcoming sessions for this class include March 6-7 in Dallas, TX. Registrations for our other sessions are coming soon.

If you’d like more details on what this class covers, click here.