Become a leader who can get results at BDR’s leadership workshop

Lead the Way: Dynamic Leadership Skills

Lead the Way: Dynamic Leadership Skills is geared to owners and managers who want to grow their leadership skills to keep pace with today’s ever-changing business climate. This class is built specifically for the leadership needs of HVAC companies.

“Great class! Unlike any other training. Really makes you think about ways to improve everyday work relationships.”

Mike Knueve, Knueve & Sons, Inc.

Managing isn’t leadership, and this class shows the way for owners and managers to become true leaders and motivators. We help you develop the skills to be a dynamic leader who can communicate your vision for your company’s future and inspire your team to do what it takes to reach your common goals.

Become the leader that people want to follow!

By attending, you will:

  • Learn how to become a dynamic leader
  • Understand your leadership role now and in the future
  • Develop and establish the business structure needed for profitable growth
  • Become the person that people will follow

*This class is led by a trainer who is a John C. Maxwell certified leadership speaker and coach.

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