BDR celebrates 20 years!


Our customers are why we do what we do. We love hearing their success stories! Here are some success stories from the first 20 years of BDR:

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“This has been without a doubt one of the best classes I have attended. This is material that needs to be implemented yesterday and stressed forever.”

JNJ Heating & Air Conditioning, Jay Vanderwiel, 9/30/2017

“Every time I finish a BDR class, I have so much motivation to take back to the office. It’s the “little” stuff which turns out to be the “BIG” stuff to separate us from our competitors!”

Brad Merchant, Bruce Thornton Air Conditioning, LLC, 4/25/2018

“If you want to be successful in business, you must be willing to train and implement. BDR will give you the tools, and their coaching team will hold you accountable!”

Joel Berson, Air Flo Heating Co, 5/11/2018