Matt Baker

VP of Business Development

As of January 2024, Matt has been with BDR for over 20 years in direct sales, sales management, and strategic business development roles. His sales experience of 40 years spans three highly synergistic industries: business coaching & training (BDR), software, and financial consultancy. He has over a decade in sales management and has built two sales departments from scratch in two different industries.

In the software industry, Matt hired and trained over 40 sales reps, managing a team of 21 through a company growth phase from 25 to 400 employees in the U.S. “During this time, Talisma’s software product evolved in size and complexity from a simple customer service email solution into a mid-market fully integrated CRM solution serving the Fortune 5000 market. This required significant re-training and a shift from direct inside sales to an inside pre-sales model with younger, less experienced staff. During this transition, my five top sales reps were promoted to field sales across the U.S. In their first full year in field sales, my promoted reps out-sold Talisma’s seasoned field reps, who had exceedingly more experience.”

For BDR, Matt built BDR’s business coaching sales system and sales team from scratch which has successfully onboarded over 1,800 business coaching clients during his tenure. He has pioneered an effective, replicable, large-company sales model that has secured two of the largest coaching clients in company history, the largest of which is a $1 billion+ company. In 2009, his business development activities closed a national Accessory Sales training agreement with Honeywell. In the partnership arena, BDR’s leadership used Matt’s input resulting in a significant strategic and partnership win for BDR with ServiceTitan.

Matt is currently focused on opening new strategic market opportunities that produce a win for all involved. “Regardless of what you are trying to accomplish or solve, to withstand the test of time, it has to be good for everyone, and it must scale to deliver impactful results.” Matt creates and models effective solutions that result in long-term mutually beneficial wins for our clients (manufacturers; distributors; dealers; contractors), our strategic partners, and BDR.

Matt looks forward to collaborating with you to see if there is a good “fit” between our respective companies.

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