Matt Baker

Director of Dealer Recruiting

Matt has over 20 years of experience spanning sales, sales management, and business ownership. As the Sales Manager for a software company in Seattle, he trained and managed a team of 20 sales representatives. As the same company’s Director of Financial Services Vertical Market, Matt developed the sales strategy and all marketing content and traveled nationally assisting the field sales force in closing business. He has also logged three years as an independent business owner.

In his ten years as a Financial Consultant for Smith Barney, Matt analyzed hundreds of financial reports. When he came on board with BDR and learned about the HVAC business, he was amazed at the earnings potential for an HVAC dealership. “To this day, I am amazed at the profitability rates that are attainable in the HVAC industry, at the Dealer level. Even more incredible, there are no national category-killer companies (think Walmart, Lowe’s, Petco) coming to crush your company, and dreams.”

Matt believes that the most important aspect of what he does is to ask questions and listen – carefully. His goal is to gain a clear picture of where you are in your business, and where you want to take your business. Matt is concerned about your time and family goals which are directly linked to the business but often suffers if you are working long hours.

Matt looks forward to working with you to craft the optimum solution based on your business needs, unique strengths, business-management talent, and business exit strategy. 

“I talk to Dealers regularly that want to retire in five to 15 years. But when you look at their business, they don’t have anyone capable of running it when the owner steps out. So if they want to sell it, the price won’t pay for retirement. If they want their family to take over, the family doesn’t have the necessary skills or connections to run the business, so there’s no assurance that the monthly check gets paid to Mom and Dad. I’ve seen BDR programs at work, and it doesn’t have to be this way.”

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