Lindsay Brooker

Accounting Coach

Lindsay Brooker

    Lindsay brings over 25 years of relevant experience in bookkeeping and accounting to BDR. She has 16 years at the controller level in accounting and fiscal management roles, exceptional business operations and HR management expertise, and 18 years of business ownership experience.

    As a bookkeeper and accountant, she built an accounting and business operations consulting firm from scratch, serving twelve industries with concentrations in music and contracting/construction. Her accounting firm worked with businesses from start-up to $30 million in revenue. Her performance with one client resulted in a job offer and an exciting career opportunity with controller-level accounting responsibility for $100 million in annual revenue for a law firm doing tour accounting for rock bands.

    Lindsay’s experience spans full-charge bookkeeper and general ledger accounting to controller-level responsibility, including:

    • Bank reconciliation
    • Payroll and HR support
    • Budget prep and management
    • Cashflow and financial statement projections
    • Cash and vendor management
    • Profit development strategies

    Through her accounting consultancy firm, Lindsay has built accounting systems from scratch, restructured/rebuilt/converted accounting software systems, set up policies, and built out accounting processes and procedures for over three dozen businesses with up to $30 million in revenue. She structures her clients’ accounting specific to their industry needs and has successfully trained bookkeepers, accountants, and business owners in the financial analysis aspects of their company. In the contracting/construction arena, she has experience with a dozen companies spanning new construction, home renovations, retrofit, and service over 18 years.

    Lindsay’s accounting consultancy firm led her into tour accounting, and she eventually joined a full-time law firm as a tour accountant. Hitting the road with the rock band OneRepublic, her job took her to forty international cities in twenty countries. She had full-charge accounting and budget responsibility for all aspects of tour operations that generated up to $35 million in revenue per tour. Layered into this gig were the considerable challenges of a mobile corporation in a strange land with complex payments and receipts that demanded time-critical logistics management with deadlines at all hours of the night and home-office time-zone differences that needed a cool head and creative problem-solving. Lindsay’s success resulted in a promotion within the law firm. Coming off the road to settle at corporate headquarters, Lindsay had controller-level accounting management responsibility for $100 million in annual revenue for the bands OneRepublic, Backstreet Boys, and Sum41.

    BDR clients will significantly benefit from Lindsay’s non-accounting experience as a business owner of two companies, plus her management roles in operations and HR for two employers. For example, in her role as operations manager, she built an operations team for a sales coaching consulting firm. She worked with all departments in developing and building scalable systems, processes, and procedures as the firm grew from 15 to 100 employees over two years. She has experience and excels in:

    • Workflow planning
    • Sales and customer support processes
    • Travel management
    • Corporate communications development
    • Leadership development and training

    Lindsay is a solution master with an innate ability to organize chaos and create fast, simple solutions for turning intricate details into manageable systems that bring the bigger picture to life. She is excellent at teaching accounting personnel the importance of organizing the books properly for the type of business a client owns and gifted at getting buy-in from accounting to deliver the on-time data needed for industry-specific financial analysis for improved management decision-making.

    Lindsay says she has “a lot of passion for simplifying the chaos that typically comes with the operational and financial side of business ownership. My goal is always to provide clear education and digestible concepts so business owners learn to love and effectively utilize their financials to elevate, expand, grow, and scale their businesses.”

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