Gloria Marshall

Accounting Coach

Gloria Marshall joined BDR as an accounting coach in June of 2023, bringing 15 years of relevant bookkeeping and accounting experience. She has worked primarily for trade-industry employers, spanning building products, construction, real estate development, and HVAC. Her last five years were as a full-charge bookkeeper with a heating and air company that grew at a 30%+ annual clip from approximately $4 million to $11 million in revenue.

Further, her HVAC employer is a BDR Profit Coach client. Gloria benefited from five years of accounting coaching with BDR’s Senior Accounting Coach, Kimberly Wibbenmeyer. She also attended two BDR Profit Launch sessions, a three-day business planning workshop. Gloria learned and leveraged BDR’s best practices in accounting and structuring the company’s books so accounting and bookkeeping could scale with the growth of the business.

“I saw – firsthand – what following best practices can do for the business in the face of substantial business volume growth. It is a difference-maker for revenue and profit attainment. I saw the value of reviewing the business plan, expenses, and pricing frequently, especially in the face of rapid growth.”

Gloria had responsibility for all aspects of accounting and bookkeeping, including:

  • Payroll
  • AR/AP
  • General ledger accounting
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Account reconciliation
  • Bank reconciliation

She knows how to set up a QuickBooks® file and organize the books. She executed budgeting, cash and cashflow management, vendor selection, and financial analysis on various service offerings and capital investment decisions. Gloria had management’s respect, and they listened to her suggestions regarding the business’s financial health.

Another benefit for BDR clients is that Gloria acquired much operational knowledge beyond accounting and bookkeeping. She has worked for six family-owned businesses and trades, where she learned numerous operational tasks, roles, and processes. For example, Gloria can read a blueprint and assemble a materials list needed to complete the job. She understands how pricing works and what items on an invoice belong in which section of your general ledger. Her operational knowledge will significantly benefit BDR clients’ coaching and training process because Gloria can teach the why behind the how-to. She can bring operational relevance to the bookkeeping role, generating rapid buy-in.

“I am a BIG believer in the trades. I have worked in them almost my entire adult life. My son has worked for an HVAC business since his mid-teens. He was promoted to lead installer at the end of his first year in an installation truck. He has a wonderful life ahead of him, and I am a proud mama.”

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