Remembering Barry Burnett through his words

Barry's knowledge and sayings motivated BDR team members to work hard and stay grounded. His passion helped build BDR into the industry leader it is today.

We treasure the time spent with him by remembering his many "Barry-isms" that helped create the foundation on which BDR was built.

Here's a selection of our favorite Barry-isms.

Leadership & Management 

It’s not a manager’s job to do it, but to know that it is done

Assume the risk for your team

Think about what could go wrong and plan around it

Have you made the perfect communication?

Put your armor on every day

Make the decision (If it’s the wrong one, forgive yourself)

Stay the course

Don't let anyone shake your belief

Manage to what's possible

Leverage your results to Prime


Sell up, manage labor

A person only has so much essence - use it wisely

When I started in business I knew one thing: work hard. That’s what I did. I worked more hours and I worked more days. It was when there were no more hours and no more days that I realized I had to become a business person.

Don’t kid yourself in business.

You can’t eat an ego.

It is the precious few, not the trivial many.

Make business your recreation. Don’t wake up and go to work, wake up and go play business.


Celebrate with the entire team.

Find someone doing something right and reward them.


Barry Burnett, a true business visionary, industry icon, mentor and friend.


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