Texas Dealer raves about BDR’s recent Dealer Direct Top Gun Service Tech workshop!

March 27th, 2019

BDR’s recent Top Gun Service Tech workshop at San Marcos Air Conditioning was a hit! 


The team at San Marcos had great reviews for BDR’s recent Dealer Direct Top Gun Technician Excellence class led by Dave Consulo. Their team gained more knowledge to improve their business, and a new perspective on client interaction after Dave’s workshop.


san marcos dealer direct social


“The training class scored great reviews from our group! It definitely helped even the more skeptical techs see it all in a different light. I know there was buy-in. We are striking while the iron is hot!”

Rick Gonzales

Vice President

San Marcos Air Conditioning


In fact, the Dealer Direct class resulted in a new Top Gun Training Implementation Plan for San Marcos Air Conditioning!


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