Working “ON” vs. working “IN” your business:
There is a direct correlation between company success and ownership focus. Strategic leadership is the most important role in your business...

  • Business owners that are focused tactically, working “IN” their business, have a more “reactive” (sometimes fire-fighting) work environment, have far less cash for compensation and reinvestment, lower employee morale, greater risk of losing technical talent and their business makes less money

  • Owners that are strategically focused, working “ON” their business, command a “proactive” work environment, have a better-trained workforce, have far greater cash flow, can afford the needed talent for growth, are far more profitable, and the owners have considerably more personal free time

Industry-Specific Expertise, Coaching Guidance, and Implementation Assistance:
Our business coaches have proven track-records of success and are backed by BDR’s huge library of industry-specific business-management documentation. We provide coaching guidance and implementation expertise that is proven to help our clients attain their goals faster and easier, while generating greater business success.


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