Becoming a World Class Retail Organization through Structural Sales - Part 1 (Atlanta)

Atlanta, GA
Mar. 23, 2017 - Mar. 24, 2017
Become a World Class Sales Organization Through Structural Sales Part 1!
Great retailers like Apple and Marriott hotels have high perceived value, loyal customers, and charge premium prices. They do this by delivering a consistent retail experience for every customer, every time through a structured sales process.
Structural Sales – Part 1 & 2 cover all aspects of building a retail sales process for HVAC that will:  
  • Improve sales and closing rates
  • Increased sales of high efficiency equipment and accessories
  • Generate referral leads and great testimonials

Class Mission – Part 1: Develop a structured retail sales process focused on communicating the benefits of our company and the products we represent to the consumer in a manner that positions us to be recognized as the right choice.

Owners, Divisional Managers, and Sales Coordinators should attend Becoming a World Class Retail Organization through Structural Sales Part 1: Managing the Sales Process to learn how to develop and manage their company’s sales process while becoming world class retailers.

Key reasons to attend:

  • Build your company’s perceived value in the consumer’s mind so that it far exceeds your price
  • Position your company as the right choice in the mind of the consumer
  • Develop a step-by-step process that consistently delivers your company’s unique retail experience
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March 23-24, 2017 in Atlanta, GA -
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