Michael Hunter

Head Coach & Trainer

Michael Hunter’s experience in the HVAC industry has spanned over two decades, including multiple roles in distribution, and serving as a highly successful general manager of a business in Idaho. Over the last 15 years, he has worked closely with BDR in many capacities, driving value and success for his customers and the dealership he managed. Michael is known to be highly goal oriented and a focused achiever that doesn't do anything without a plan.

As General Manager for Jim's Heating & Cooling, Michael has had decision-authority for management activity and control over all aspects of business management, including planning, budgeting, spending, capital investment, employee management, and marketing. Additionally, he ran the Service and Sales departments directly. He transformed a company that was operating under some of the same methods used since 1976. His implementation practices speak volumes of his focus and dedication:

In less than three years the company doubled its revenue. A core driver was the service-referral program and a coordinated direct-marketing program implemented by Michael

Through the creation and implementation of processes and procedures spanning all departments, efficiency gains enabled the company to generate revenue growth with 1/3 fewer staff members

Service revenue increased 70%

Net Profit increased 8%, in spite of a significant and sustained increase in capital investment to modernize the company in every way

Nearly all structural and procedural methods applied in the business were revamped or updated, changed or eliminated completely. "The company was still using hand written memo notes and the service vans had radios. Today we use iPad's, GPS navigation and Smart Phones for dispatching, wireless billing and customer record updates right from the field".

In addition to the changes in infrastructure, Michael has navigated the company through some very significant organizational and partnership challenges. When he started, the company had Three Owners. By the end of Michael’s second year as GM, there was one. The first partner that left went to work for a competitor. The second passed away. Each circumstance required a vastly different approach to working through the buy-out process with attorneys, a valuation company, insurance companies and the partners and/or family members. Company ownership was restructured twice and an exit strategy plan was also put in place for the final owner. Michael’s experience with partner-challenges, ownership structures and negotiation will undoubtedly be of value to anyone who may experience similar circumstances.

In his capacity as a Territory Manager for 13-years, Michael worked with 60 companies. They ranged from pure new construction to retrofit; residential to commercial; equipment installation only to service-based; from organized to disorganized, the profitable and the cash-strapped, with great structure and solid employees to the opposite. His philosophy for territory development was to help his customers build strong, well balanced, well-structured businesses with a “sustainable-growth” business model, and help them to become a process-driven company……not buy working to just sell another “box”. He worked with those companies that worked with him and leveraged BDR’s training and Profit Coach Program into his “practice”. Starting in 2003, 5-years before the new construction boom ended, Michael worked diligently to convince and prepare his customers for the end of the construction boom. He focused on making sure dealers were well balanced with a plan for profit during slow periods by driving replacement sales through service referrals. Michael not only increased his territory sales by 80% over three years, he also kept several customers in business through the “great recession”.

"Much of the accomplishment I’ve realized in business stems from continuously seeking out training from people in the industry who have succeeded, and then implementing what I’ve learned. BDR's training and coaching provided the roadmap for success. If someone is willing to show me the way, I’m willing to put in the work. I believe great leaders are developed from being good followers. People just need to wisely choose who they follow”.



Six Sigma



Vice President of Coaching & Trainer

Kim joined BDR in 1997 as a dealer consultant. She has acted as a personal business trainer for numerous dealers, assisting them in the development and growth of their business. In addition to being Vice President for Dealer Coaching Services, Kim is also a BDR trainer, teaching Accounting & Office Management and QuickBooks for Contractors.

In 1990, Kim began working for a small heating contractor with revenues of less than $500,000. Working as the Office Manager, Kim played an active role in growing the business to $1.8 million in annual revenues.

Kim also developed the first version of the Opportunity Manager software Price Book Plus module for BDR. Dealers across the nation are currently using The Opportunity Manager in-home selling software to create professional sales presentations and manage their sales forces.