The Opportunity Manager™ is a suite of HVAC sales tools developed by recognized leaders in the HVAC industry. It is the most complete and professional proposal generation / sales presentation and management tool available to the HVAC dealer.

The Opportunity Manager (Opman) includes two main sections:

1. Proposal Generation / Sales Presentation and Estimating, (the front end) and

2. Sales Management and Reporting (the back end).

Features Overview

Each section is packed with features!

HVAC Proposal Generation / Sales Presentation and Estimating

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  • Presentation
    • Using an interactive "point and click" process, The Opportunity Manager™ involves customers in building their own comfort system. Learn more about the advantages of an Opportunity Manager sales presentation .
    • Generate a professional proposal and print it out in the customer's home!
    • Add your company logo and colors to customize the software (optional)
    • Implement an Accessorey selling strategy with Lifetime System Enhancemets
    • Laptop packages complete the implementation of a complete "Turn Key" solution (optional)
    • The Showroom is an invaluable tool for salespeople to educate customers about high efficiency products. It is fully integrated into the Opportunity Manager system. Optional versions for use on your company's website, iPads, Android and Windows mobile devices.
  • Other Features
    • The Opportunity Manager ships with the 7th Edition of Manual J Load Calculation built in.  Optional versions for use on iPads, Android and Windows mobile devices.
    • The proposal that is generated draws all the pricing information from an extensive database of your products and labor pricing structure. This database is set up by us before we install the software.

HVAC Sales Management and Reporting

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  • Management
    • The Opportunity Manager™ makes managing your entire sales process a breeze. You can quickly and easily change the costs and margins of any product with just a few "clicks".
    • Centrally manage your Retail prices
    • Easily manage your prices to your desired blended margins
    • Manage your accessory and equipment upgrades and add-ons.
  • Reports
    • You can generate reports with job budgets and create a complete job packet for your installers containing the details of the installation as discussed with the homeowner, including photographs and notes from the sales team.
    • Sales tracking and sales performance reports including profitabilty indictators, such as GPMD, to show you which sales are the most profitable.
    • Lead Tracking reports
    • Commission and Spiff reports
    • Labor efficicency reports
    • Reports that measure closing ratios, average sale price, # of accessories, month goals, etc.


Top 10 Benefits

  1. Fast, Accurate proposals generation
  2. Increase professionalism and sales performance
  3. One stop close ability with Good - Better - Best
  4. Implment the Lifetime System Enhancement process
  5. Highly visual, animated presentations
  6. Offer financing on every proposal
  7. Save 2 to 4 hours of Labor per project
  8. Increase profit and growth
  9. Centrally Managed Retail pricing
  10. Sales reporting and Lead tracking

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