Partial list of on-site consulting projects. Please inquire if you do not see your interest listed:
  • Total Business Evaluation
  • Planning/Budgeting:
    • Total Business
    • Merger or Acquisition
    • Succession or Sale
  • Division or Department Evaluations
  • Focused (Targeted Project) Evaluations
  • Focused Team/Role Training
  • Service Department Evaluations & Training
  • Accounting Systems & Accounting Staff Training:
    • Software set-up & Accounting information organization: HVAC/Plumbing specific performance analytics generation
    • Accounting and office operations staff training
    • Bookkeeping and back-office operations process improvement
    • Streamline and/or automation of accounting systems and back-office administration roles
    • Integration of accounting software with industry-specific customer and service dispatching software
    • Software conversions & data porting: Replacing, changing or consolidating systems


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