BDR’s Unparalleled On-Site Consulting
Unbiased Clarity, Industry-Specific Expertise, Long-Term Implementation Guidance

BDR’s On-Site Consulting Services:
BDR has been doing on-site consulting for the HVAC and Plumbing industries since 1999. Our consulting clients range in size from $1 million to $250 million in annual revenue. We have several customized on-site consulting programs addressing strategic initiatives and/or tactical objectives. Each on-site engagement is customized to the unique goals and needs of our clients, and dovetails perfectly with our long-term business coaching programs.

A Picture “Really Is” Worth A Thousand Words:
On-site engagements accomplish a great deal and are incredibly beneficial. On-site’s deliver value by dramatically accelerating your consultant’s understanding of your business, processes, team characteristics (strengths/weaknesses), market, and goals. Spending 3 to 4 days at our client’s business provides unparalleled clarity into the challenges and opportunities that exist, and on many occasions, we are either training or building and implementing processes right on the spot. Further, your consultant will identify challenges and opportunities that you may not be thinking about or appreciate. They also bring industry-specific expertise, tools and process documentation that make it easier to craft and implement solutions.

Translating On-Site Evaluations Into Implementation Success:
Most business owners will never invest in an on-site evaluation because of the cost. Those that do will purchase one, or a very limited number of on-site engagements over a multi-year period of time. Once the on-site and a few follow-up calls are completed, the owner is on their own to drive the implementation initiatives themselves. However, it is well documented that owners – like employees – easily fall back into their old habits, implementing less and less as days turn into weeks and months after the on-site was completed. The key to a successful on-site is in converting what you learned and what your consultant sees into fully implemented project completions.

BDR’s on-site model is superior to the “stand-alone” onsite engagement model:

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Benefits of BDR’s On-Site Consulting:
  • Unbiased Business Evaluation
  • Identify Challenge & Opportunity Areas
  • Personnel Assessment vis-à-vis Role/Fit
  • Catalyst for Team Buy-In
  • Training; Process-Building
  • Specialized/Targeted Projects or Help
  • Accounting Accuracy / Integrity
  • Accelerated Results & Success
  • Coupled with Coaching Guidance

Sample Of Specific On-Site Consulting Programs:
BDR offers an array of on-site consulting engagement choices to help you achieve your goals. We have three business coach/consultant classifications: Head Coach (total company coach); Service Coach (service operations specialist); and Financial Coach (bookkeeping/accounting specialist). Each category specializes to bring focused expertise within their domain. Our on-site consulting is fully customized to meet your needs and dovetails directly with our business coaching services. “Learn More” provides a partial list of on-site consulting projects to serve our clients:

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At BDR, your business coach is also your on-site consultant. BDR’s coaching-plus-consulting approach ensures that the knowledge (and benefits) gained through your on-site consulting engagement are directly-coupled with long-term implementation assistance and guidance. WAHOO!!!!


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