BDR leads with long-term business coaching relationships as the core strategy. We leverage on-site engagements as an accelerant or turbocharger for our long term coaching clients for these reasons:

  • You cannot successfully implement all of the improvement opportunities discovered during a 3 or 4 day on-site engagement while the consultant is on-site.
  • People are creatures of habit, and we fall back into old habits easily. It takes weeks to change “one” habit successfully…permanently. Business owners are usually trying to get anywhere from 5 – 60 employees to change a variety of practices on an ongoing basis. Many times the owner is dealing with “employee resistance to change”, fear, or years of “old-school” beliefs, and/or “control-issues”. A very common example would be a bookkeeper holding the owner hostage with accounting information.
  • Post on-site support is required for maximum value delivery: Ongoing training, business management documentation, implementation coaching guidance and auditing for adherence to the new processes, over an extended period of time are required to effect permanent, positive behavior change.
  • BDR’s coaching-plus-consulting approach mirrors how people actually change: Incremental steps foster lasting gains.


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