Why settle for long hours and a single-digit

net profit, when your current effort,

focused differently, can yield 15% - 25% Net?


Profit Coach Clients have generated results above the industry average:
Strategic business-management coaching focused on ownership, key management roles and your accounting department. Your coaching team will work with you to organize your business operations, improve efficiency throughout all roles and free-up ownership to focus at a strategic management level:

  • Company Structure & Role Suitability

  • Organizing Your Books & Training on Accounting & Financial Processes to deliver Industry-specific Performance Analytics

  • Process & Procedure Implementation with Accountability Tracking

  • Three Monthly Progress Reports Documenting Activity, Accountability & Success

Working “ON” vs. working “IN” your business:
There is a direct correlation between company success and ownership focus.  While it may be "comfortable" to work at a tactical level, it comes at a heavy cost on many fronts.  Stratgeic leadership is the most important role in your business.  It will yield greater profit and there is a  substantial competitive edge to be gained on many fronts.

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Industry-Specific Expertise, Coaching Guidance and Implementation Assistance:
Our business coaches have proven track-records of success and are backed by BDR’s huge library of industry-specific business-management documentation.  We provide coaching guidance and implementation expertise that is proven to help our clients attain their goals faster and easier, while generating greater business success.

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Chaves Heating Testimonial
Fleetwood, NC is a real small area; our 10-mile radius has 18K people. We started our business in October of 1991. Before we started the coaching program we were about $10-12K per truck per month (Service), this year I am budgeting to do around $20K per truck per month. What BDR has done for us is taught us the business side of it. That’s where I have gained the most knowledge, knowing your financials, what to look at and what to look for; all the way down to your GPMD. It is so fine-tuned; we’ve got such a clear vision of where we are at and where we are going. In a time that everybody is cutting benefits, we are actually raising benefits. I would recommend it to anybody. The only person I would not recommend it to is someone who is simply stuck in their own way and not willing to change, but if you are willing to change then BDR is definitely worth every penny!
Randall Scott Scott Brothers Heating & Air