New statistics show its tougher than ever to hire HVAC Technicians and Installers

September 12th, 2018

Did you know it took 98 days to hire a new Technician in 2017? Recent statistics from Recruit4Business tell us that, in 2018, it takes 174 days. Hiring an Installer took 114 days in 2017 and now takes 161 days in 2018.




With the statistics telling us it may take twice as long today to fill an open Technician or Installer position, it is more important than ever to fully utilize and leverage the employees you do have.

How do you leverage your existing crews?

  • Take some time to review and tighten your procedures.
    • Tightened procedures can decrease the time spent on tasks and reduce call backs.
    • Be sure to involve your team in creating or updating procedures.
  • Standardize truck stock.
    • Having your trucks’ inventory standardized removes stress and lost time, while eliminating the need for workers to leave the job site.
  • Invest in training your team.
    • Team members who receive training learn how to perform their job more efficiently and how to interact with customers more effectively.
    • Training collectively increases the value of your team.

While it is harder to hire Technicians and Installers today, by implementing these suggestions, you can become the preferred company to work for, helping you retain workers and attract new ones.

BDR Training Team

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